PWTorch Livecast Wed. – Pat McNeill interviews JTG & Lodi (Dec. 23, 2015)

Wednesday PWTorch Livecast with Pat McNeill – Christmas Eve Eve Spectacular
Special Guests: Former WCW wrestler Lodi & former WWE wrestler JTG
Aired Live: December 23, 2015


Recap by Dominic DeAngelo


– Concussions in wrestling
– Differences between late WCW and 2010 WWE
– Christmas Tales


(2:08) Pat McNeill intro
(3:30) Lodi intro
(4:25) JTG intro
(5:20) Shad Gaspard & Stephanie
(7:50) What matches did JTG watch from the WWE archives?
(13:45) Eve Torres & Nitro Girls stories
(15:45) Was someone else dressed in “The Crow” gimmick before Sting?
(17:15) JTG’s WWE Magazine story
(19:15) Are the Slammys fixed?
(24:45) What’s the guys wildest Christmas experience?
(31:28) Any locker room heat for The Radicals after jumping to WWF?
(33:50) Favorite Christmas movies?
(35:20) Has the curtain been pulled back too far with wrestlers on Twitter?
(38:30) Concussion testing in WWE & WCW
(44:35) Raven’s WCW departure
(45:50) Was Goldberg a stiff and sloppy worker?
(49:00) Is there heat between John Cena and Alex Riley?
(52:15) How do wrestlers feel about the Royal Rumble?
(53:25) No more PPV bonuses but pay increases?
(56:50) Favorite matches for 2015?


– Pat gets accused of not doing research from Lodi since he mistakenly called JTG a former tag team champion.

– Shad called Stephanie McMahon “baby” once and Lodi never called that out to Eric Bischoff. Eric was always in Hogan’s locker room, not catering.

– JTG would watch a lot of Chris Benoit matches when he was in OVW. He recalls watching his Japan matches against Tiger Mask (as Pegasus Kid). He also watched a good deal of Bret Hart. What matches did Lodi watch? He also watched Benoit Japan matches (against Owen Hart). His first match on TV was actually against Benoit. He remembers Raven would have him make a list and then they’d call Rob Feinsten to send them VHS tapes.

– No Eve Torres stories from JTG. Shad had a crush on her, but since she was engaged to a Gracie brother it was hands off! Lodi adds that the Nitro Girls overall kept their nose pretty clean. Not too many non-PG stories to share.

– Was someone else dressed in “The Crow” gimmick before Sting? Lodi says the story sounds familiar, but he can’t recall.

– JTG accidentally used Cena’s catchphrase in a WWE Magazine interview once, but you’ll have to read his book to hear what the repercussions were!

– JTG says the Slammys were definitely fixed. He remembers John Morrison & The Miz being told that they won. He also thinks that New Day should have won best tag team.

– What’s the guys wildest Christmas experience? Lodi lived in a beach house where Dawson’s Creek was filmed. He had a crush on Katie Holmes so he’d try to find her at the gym, but they never connected. Then one Christmas he gets on a plane to work a DDP benefit. He sees Katie Holmes on the plane and goes to introduce himself but he gets tongue-twisted. She knew him as “the wrestler” and they end up talking for about 15 minutes.

– JTG’s Christmas story: one year he hung out at Armando Estrada’s house. He didn’t realize Estrada was super hammered and he was almost killed by him on the drive from the bar.

– Pat gets a text from Armando wanting JTG to tell the story of the time he had his sister trick him into thinking he was on the million dollar Tough Enough. This makes JTG forget that it’s a PG show. Armando had his sister call him and had him going for a whole week until she caved due to JTG’s genuine excitement. He hasn’t gotten him back yet, but he has plans for him in his second book.

– Any locker room heat for The Radicals after jumping to WWF? No locker room heat, but he’s sure that the office wasn’t too pleased. Does JTG remember any controversial WWE departures? Not with the locker room, JTG says.

– Favorite Christmas movies? JTG: “Bad Santa” and “Home Alone.” Lodi: “Christmas Vacation” and his daughter likes “Elf.” Pat likes “White Christmas” and “A Christmas Story.”

– Has the curtain been pulled back too far with wrestlers on Twitter? Lodi thinks interacting with fans on Twitter is part of the territory nowadays. 20 years ago social media wasn’t even a thing, this is all kind of new. It’s just another aspect to the job really.

– JTG says that WWE was very alert about concussions during his tenure there. If a referee had any indication they’d make you take a concussion test, which is a long tedious process. He got lightheaded once in MSG, took the test and didn’t pass it. Lodi is glad that they are like that today, he’s been diagnosed with 14 over his career.Once you have them, you’re more susceptible to have one. It was all about not missing a show. He remembers Booker T stopping his Harlem Hangover move because it kept giving guys concussions. Lodi once stayed back with Perry Saturn due to a concussion he suffered and even made a sign referencing Booker saying “Beware Of The Compton Concussion” (Booker didn’t like that). You kept concussions quiet back then because they were making money and they were having fun. This all changed when ratings went downhill.

– The doctor that Will Smith portrays in “Concussion,” Dr. Omalu, visited the Raw locker room when they were in Pittsburgh.

– In August 1999 in Vegas, Lodi remembers Raven getting up and leaving in front of Bischoff and the entire WCW locker room. He really respected Raven for that.
– Was Goldberg a sloppy worker (Lodi one time had a “Goldberg’s a Meathead” sign)? He worked with Bill many times at the WCW Power Plant and he doesn’t fault him for being sloppy – he was just green. He brings up the spring break Nitro where Bill split his nose open on his belt buckle. He’s happy for him.
– Did JTG encounter any sloppy workers? John Morrison was pretty stiff. First time he ever got a black eye was against Trevor Murdoch.
– Cena and Alex Riley were once really good friends, and John kept putting him over. He actually took promo courses with Vince and Freddie Prinze Jr. Riley could cut a good promo. Once he got into an altercation with Cena though, everything changed and he would see Riley be very unhappy coming into work because he was being bullied by John (which JTG thought was ironic due to the company’s B.A. Star campaign). He thinks the altercation was over drinking booze – Riley didn’t want to drink anymore and he thinks he got heat over it.
– How do wrestlers feel about the Royal Rumble? It depends on the story that’s being told, JTG says. He was eliminated by the Undertaker once, which was an honor, and then by C.M. Punk, which told a story so he was fine with it.
– Lodi knows that WWE PPV checks are down for wrestlers, which would be a concern for him. If they are compensating for that then that’s a good thing, but he heard of someone’s recent WrestleMania check and it was extremely low. The payoffs were beautiful for JTG when he first got there, but it’s not like that anymore, He feels sorry for the boys today.
– Any great matches for 2015 for Lodi and JTG? JTG really enjoyed the WrestleMania 31 main event, and Lodi enjoyed the Sting vs. Triple H match for the nostalgia factor.
– Follow Lodi @lodi1brad on Twitter and Instagram. Get JTG’s book “Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?” on Kindle or audiobook. Follow him @Jtg1284 on Twitter or @jtg121084 on Instagram


A Perfect 10: Despite being late on this holiday recap, I found the Christmas Eve Eve Spectacular to to be just that. Seasons greetings were indeed had, but really this episode can be considered timeless due to it’s guests and content. You’d be hard-pressed to pick a more random of pairing than JTG (in his Livecast debut) and Lodi as a podcast duo, but both really added to Pat’s special, especially since they are from two different eras.

Both were on their best story sharing game. Lodi had his great Raven WCW departure yarn and JTG had more than a few nuggets, one in particular dealing with John Cena’s relationship with Alex Riley. They also talked concussions and Pat helped to cultivate the strong contrast between JTG’s time in WWE compared to Lodi’s time in WCW, and how much that landscape has changed. Overall a must listen – JTG’s non-PG slip-up is an added “lol” moment for all you dirty mouths.

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