We Watch Wrestling #121 – Year-End Awards Edition (Dec. 23, 2015)

RELEASE DATE: December 23, 2015


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


– “When in Roman…grease up your hair.” – Tom

– “That’s British Bulldog out all night doin’ crack cocaine and Bret Hart having to carry him through a match. That’s Wembley Stadium.” – Vince

– “How about Tom complimenting a woman without discussing the tuchus? You’ve come so far.” – Vince, on Tom’s apparently plutonic love for Bayley.

– Vince: What’s the period?
Tom: It’s the shedding of the uterine lining.
Vince: The awards period…

– “Jesus, man, this is like picking my favorite Led Zeppelin song.” – Vince, trying to select his most outstanding wrestler of the year

– “But I love that Carmella is still with-she was loyal to them, and she’s hot as hell, and you can’t teach that.” – Matt, on team how you doin’

– “Who is this blonde girl who’s eyes are kinda close together?” – Matt, on not recognizing Carmella

– Tom: There’s pop-up ads in porn now.
Matt: Pop-up. I get it.. His penis.


This week, the boys talk some WWE, some NXT, fill out their Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards ballots and more.



*Vince’s WWE House Show* – 04:20-10:05

*NXT Takeover: London* – 10:05-16:50

*The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards* – 16:50-35:20

*Breaking Ground & the NXT Tag Division* – 36:20-42:00

*More WON Awards* – 42:00-1:23:45

*Who’s your favorite wrestler: “Of The Year” Edition – 1:23:45-1:31:37


Vince kicks off this week’s show talking about his experience at the WWE house show in L.A. over the weekend. Brock and Del Rio had a serviceable match, but the boys wonder why WWE would book Lesnar and Heyman for a non-televised house show. Ambrose and Owens “had a fun match” while Roman and Sheamus “had a good match” largely due to Roman being very over with the fans. The segment closes with a detour into Bruce Springsteen.

From there, the boys move right into the latest NXT Takeover event. They break down the card, highlighting what they loved (almost everything) and discussing the main reason why NXT is such a better product than WWE’s main roster. Spoiler alert: it’s Vince McMahon. Tom marvels at Bayley’s babyface brilliance in carrying Nia Jax to a good match and the boys delve into the genesis of Tom’s feminine side to close the segment.

Next, the boys fill in their Wrestling Observer awards ballot for 2015. They pick their favorites for such categories as most outstanding wrestler and best box office draw.

Matt then takes a detour into where Breaking Ground failed. All of the boys agree that the concept of young, unproven wrestlers trying to make it is so interesting that you don’t need garbage like ZZ wrestling crocs or Baron Corbin shopping. Matt then turns to the NXT tag scene, specifically the female counterparts in Carmella and Alexa Bliss, both of whom he loves.

Transition back to the Wrestling Observer awards. The boys try to pick their feud of the year and have no problem picking their tag team of the year (New Day unanimously). Meanwhile, a delivery man comes to the door and, in true WWW fashion, is asked who his favorite wrestler is (The Rock). Back to the awards ballot and Vince shocks the world by stumping for Erick Rowan for most improved. The boys also discuss who should win for best interviews, most charismatic, and best technical wrestler. A handful of more categories, including most overrated wrestler, most underrated wrestler, and promotion of the year less to the match of the year category to close the segment.

Who’s your favorite wrestler OF THE YEAR? Tom says….come back to me. Vince immediately says Roderick Strong because he’s had an incredible year and “All I want is more Roddy, man!” Matt follows by also naming Roderick Strong with no hesitation because he’s had great matches and was ROH and PWG champ at the same time. Finally, we come back around to Tom who goes with Dean Ambrose because he just still loves him and he always hopes that it’ll be Dean’s turn next.


7.0: I think almost every time I’ve gone down to 7 it’s been because there was one central topic that took up most of the show. It’s not bad because, once again, the draw of the show is that you’re just listening to three guys shoot the wrestling shit. Personally, I like it a little more when the topics are multiple and free flowing. This week there was a lot of focus on the awards voting so I didn’t get what I want. B-O-O H-O-O, as John Bender once said. Poor me.

I did feel like Vince stepped up this week. I usually have a harder time finding Vince quotes but he was a machine this issue. Tom was notably, and admittedly more subdued than usual, but that’s okay. You don’t have to go hard every show. Leave ’em wanting more. Matt was Matt. The proverbial straw that stirs the drink. For me, good show, not great show.

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