Steve Austin Show – Huntin’ w/Ted Fowler (Dec. 29, 2015)

The Steve Austin Show
Guest: Ted Fowler of Broken Skull Ranch
Release Date: December 29, 2015


Recap by Corey Freedman

Subjects Covered (w/Timestamps)

0:00 – Sponsor Ads
2:20 – Show starts/introduction
9:15 – Deer hunting
24:45 – Beer
30:00 – Ted and Steve find a deer on the ranch
34:05 – Sponsor Ads
36:05 – For all intents and purposes
38:45 – They find another deer
46:20 – How does Steve’s wife deal with his fame?
49:10 – More hunting talk
58:45 – Beauty products
1:07:10 – Conclusion
1:11:05 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: The show starts with Steve and Ted Fowler driving around the Broken Skull Ranch. He wants to start the show by answering some questions that he has received via email. Austin talks a bit about deer hunting with his brother and his two kids. Towards the end of the intro, he starts reading some of the questions.

Deer hunting: Austin is asked what he does with the deer he shoots. The listener also asks why it mattered that Ted Fowler broke a deer’s antlers if they are just going to eat it anyway? Fowler explains that he was going to have the deer stuffed and breaking the antlers hurts the aesthetic of the stuffed deer. Austin digresses a bit by talking about how he never understood the appeal of the Mona Lisa. He also talks about deer being scored by the antlers so breaking one of them off hurts that as well. He and Ted talk about the scoring system and how that can help them judge the progress of the deer herd. They also talk about having to shoot one of the deer that they have watched grow up on the ranch for a long time.

Beer: Austin talks about drinking beer with his family and Ted. He jokes that Ted drank all of his Broken Skull IPA. He tells a story about asking Rob at the El Segundo Brewing Company to send more beer to the ranch. They talk about Steve’s brother drinking awful beer.

For all intents and purposes: Austin reads an email from a listener who tells him the correct phrase, as Austin must have been mispronouncing it in the past.

Another deer: They find another deer on the ranch. They also talk about holes in the fences that allow some animals to crawl through. Austin tells a story about getting a deer out of a fence it had gotten itself stuck in.

Steve’s fame and his wife: Austin says his wife was never a wrestling fan. Ted talks about how Austin’s wife doesn’t really understand why he gets mobbed so often as she was never a wrestling fan and doesn’t really understand it from that perspective.

More hunting talk: Austin talks more about the layout of the ranch. He tells a story about his dad hunting a hog this morning on the ranch. They joke more about the Mona Lisa.

Beauty products: They talk about shampoo products. Ted is a Pantene man. Austin also talks about moisturizer lotions. Ted talks a bit about a past girlfriend.

Conclusion: Austin talks about the Broken Skull Challenge on CMT. He also talks about his shirts available online, and his beer Broken Skull IPA. He thanks his sponsors as well.

Score and Review

I did not enjoy this show. If you listen to this show for wrestling related talk, this episode had almost none. I don’t mind listening to Austin and Fowler talk about life on the ranch, but this episode wasn’t a good execution of that. They were driving around the ranch for the entire show and the episode had very little direction or structure. There were also a couple of times they came across things on the ranch that they are interacting with that, since the listener can’t see, simply was not good radio. If you need to listen to something to kill an hour, this podcast might be for you, but I was not a fan. Granted, I am not a hunting fan nor do I know much about it, so I barely understood what they were talking about for the majority of those discussions. If you are interested in the hunting aspects, perhaps you will find those discussions a bit more interesting than me.

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