Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” #302 – WrestleCon Interviews w/Poffo, Archer, Cage, Fulton & Gill (May 19, 2016)

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Episode 302 – Dallas LIVE (too)
Release Date: May 19, 2016


Report by Chris Davidson


0:00 – Introduction
4:09 – Live show introduction
10:24 – First Guest: Lanny Poffo
22:24 – Second Guest: Lance Archer (Lance Hoyt)
33:30 – Third Guest: Kevin Gill
42:50 – Fourth Guest: Bobby Fulton
54:39 – Fifth Guest: Brian Cage
1:03:08 – Colt wraps up the show


0:00 – Introduction – Colt opened the show noting that this episode was the first of two live podcasts taped in Dallas and apologized because his voice was basically gone at the time of taping. Colt plugged his sponsors and upcoming events.

4:09 – Live show introduction – Colt opened the live portion of the podcast joking that he was lost his voice, lost his will to live, found his will to live because of the audience and accidentally paid $15 for a Virgil 8×10. Marty DeRosa joined in saying a fan said Colt lost his virginity, and another fan found Colt’s lost voice sexy. Colt did his standard podcast introduction and asked fans if they have had any weird interactions at Wrestlecon. Angel from Houston took a “prom picture” with DeRosa and Chris Hero. Marty joked that he got to be the big spoon. Colt joked about two fans, a father and son, who had matching mohawks. Another fan, Evan, said he was in the men’s room and heard someone ask Scott Hall how he was doing, to which Hall replied, “I’ll be a lot better after I take this piss.” Colt and DeRosa joked about pooping at conventions, and DeRosa joked about being creepy asking fans to take pictures with them.

10:24 – First Guest: Lanny Poffo – Colt introduced “Leapin” Lanny Poffo as one of his favorite wrestler, and Poffo joked now he’ “Limping” Lanny Poffo. Colt told Poffo the episode they taped a while ago was one of his favorites, and they discussed Poffo’s “happy bus” philosophy to life. Poffo told a story after Randy Savage died where his mother was very depressed and he told her to get on the happy bus. Poffo talked about and recited a portion of one of his favorite poems by George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans). Colt asked where Poffo’s love of poetry came from, which he credited to a crush on his fifth grade teacher who complimented his writing and he is still friends with.

Colt asked about being a child with the Macho Man. Poffo said he would wrestle Savage while watching television as a child and Savage would always win but his mother said that one day Poffo would be bigger and beat Savage. Poffo said he got bigger than Savage, but he could never beat him, even in school. Poffo recited a poem from his time as The Genius before abruptly stopping and talking to someone in the crowd and somehow getting on erectile dysfunction. Poffo said whenever people ask if he’s a genius, he recites the list of U.S. presidents, which he proceeded to do. Poffo plugged his website and books, and right before the show learned he was on the international Kindle bestseller list. Poffo made a South Park joke and exited the stage.

22:24 – Second Guest: Lance Archer (Lance Hoyt) – Colt introduced Lance Archer and said they wrestled a lot recently in Japan, and Archer rocked his world. Archer talked about working with Terry Taylor, who called him before he went to Japan and told him not to do anything he’d learned in TNA. Archer said in Japan he decided to be himself, which helped make him successful. Colt asked about the Suzuki-gun stable and specifically about Taka Michinoku. Archer talked about Michinoku’s dojo and time in WWE, and said treats Michinoku as a little brother.

Colt asked who the weirdest person he became friends with in Japan was, and Archer answered Harry Smith (Davey Boy Smith, Jr.). Archer talked about a weird guy Smith hangs out with named Nobu, and told a story about a terrible dining experience with Nobu and Smith where Smith got Nobu drunk, annoying Archer. Archer plugged his social media and exited the stage.

33:30 – Third Guest: Kevin Gill – Colt introduced Kevin Gill as the voice of Juggalo Championship Wrestling and mentioned his character in JCW, Officer Colt Cabana. Gill mentioned how hated Officer Colt is at JCW shows, which is the exact opposite of how he is received everywhere else. Colt told a story about a JCW show in Mexico where people were throwing things at him, and Gill added a short bit about Kevin Nash coming to that show. Colt mentioned JCW as a part of the indy wrestling subculture, and Gill spoke at length about JCW being misunderstood by wrestling fans. Gill mentioned a lot of aspects of JCW shows, including the live commentary from Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J.

Colt applauded the live commentary as hilarious, and Gill called Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J comedic geniuses who do everything unscripted. Colt asked Gill what was the weirdest thing he’s ever seen as a JCW show. Gill talked about a Legends Rumble he called with Mick Foley, where Bob Backlund ran into the crowd acted crazy. Colt joked that it’s bad when juggalos think someone is crazy. Gill plugged his podcast and asked the audience for a round of applause for Colt, before exiting.

42:50 – Fourth Guest: Bobby Fulton – Colt introduced Bobby Fulton as one half of one of his and DeRosa’s favorite tag team, The Fantastics. Fulton said he was humbled by the other wrestlers on the show, and humbled to be on the podcast. Colt asked about Fulton’s time in All Japan, and Fulton spoke about all the American wrestlers in Japan at that time, including Andre the Giant. Fulton talked about Andre treating people “like a baby” in the ring, even though his punch could take his head off. DeRosa complimented Fulton in the ring, and Fulton spoke of different challenges of wrestling in America and in Japan, along with a few of his favorite matches.

Colt asked about the formation of The Fantastics. Fulton said he was only supposed to be in a team with Tommy Rogers for 90 days, but during that time they became a true tag team and didn’t see each other as singles wrestlers anymore. Fulton talked about wrestling the Undertaker, Sting, and the Ultimate Warrior before they were stars. DeRosa asked about being the first match on the card and having a great match. Fulton said it challenged the other wrestlers to be on top of their game every night. DeRosa asked about The Fantastics theme song, which had a ring introduction, and Fulton told the story behind it. Fulton said that a lot happens in wrestling by accident, but it ends up sticking. Fulton plugged his website and social media, and thanked Colt before leaving the stage.

54:39 – Fifth Guest: Brian Cage – Colt introduced Brian Cage as the largest man in professional wrestling. Colt and Cage talked about his eating habits, and joked that he’s turning into Scott Steiner. Cage did a pretty good Scott Steiner impression, drawing a half standing ovation from one fan in the audience. Cage talked about a recent He-Man video he was in that is on YouTube, before Colt asked about Lucha Underground. Cage said LU was the “greatest thing he’s been a part of,” even though at the beginning he thought it was going to be terrible because it was TV people trying to run wrestling. Cage said LU started strong, and thanked the fans, who are typically negative, for embracing LU.

Colt asked if it’s easier wrestling in Mexico because he’s been on LU. Cage said knowing everyone from LU has really helped him in the locker room, and it’s easy to be a heel since he’s American. Cage spoke about radical fans, and being worried he’d get shot when he wore a Donald Trump shirt to get heat. Colt asked Cage to do Scott Steiner as He-Man, and Cage did a quick, humorous impression. Cage plugged his social media and LU before exiting.

1:03:08 – Colt wraps up the show – Colt thanked all of the live fans and guests, before letting DeRosa plug his podcast and social media. Colt and DeRosa joked that they should do tours of the warehouse, and Colt said he’d do a live podcast there. Colt thanked his fans, his tech help and sponsors and ended the show.


Score: 9.2: This was yet another solid live episode of the Art of Wrestling. Last week’s episode seemed to have bigger names, but this episode had a lot of Colt and Marty DeRosa’s cult heroes and friends. Both men seemed to have a blast interviewing all of these wrestlers and the whole show had a loose, fun atmosphere. The transition from pre-taped introduction to the live taping went much smoother that last week’s episode, and overall the quality was very good. Unless you’re dying to know what Lanny Poffo is up to, this may not look like a must-listen to episode, but it was very enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it.

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