Justin Roberts Reveals A Strange WWE Announcing Rule

Justin Roberts was interviewed by David Penzer of The Hannibal TV at WrestleCon. He talked about the release of his book, Mania weekend and one of the stranger rules behind WWE announcing.

Penzer and Roberts both admitted they miss the rush of the crowd, but Roberts said it also got him in hot water at times.

“I used to get in trouble if I popped the crowd too much. So you want to go out there and get the crowd into it, but at the same time you can’t do it too much. I couldn’t do it too much, because I would get in trouble. It was always a weird feeling of wanting to pop the crowd, but at the same time knowing that my bosses didn’t want that, so doing it within limits kind of took away some of the fun and excitement.”

Penzer was shocked by that, and asked if there was a reason why he was told not to get the crowd overly excited.

“I used to get in trouble, because I was told that the crowd only has so many pops in them, and I shouldn’t be wasting the pops on my announcements, so like when I used to start a show I’d be like ‘Good evening, Chicago’, or whatever town we were in, and then that got taken away. So then it would be like (less excited tone) ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome’ and try not to get the crowd excited, because the crowd only had so many pops in them.”

To check out the entire interview, click on this link.

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