Justin Roberts Talks Triple H Looking Out For Himself, His New Book

Justin Roberts was recently interviewed by Wrestledelphia Radio about his new book Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey, here are some of the highlights:

Justin’s thoughts on Kevin Dunn, JBL and Triple H coming off negatively in the book:

“I didn’t really give my opinion on them. I just told the story of my experiences and how they came into my story and what their involvement was. By telling the story, you as a reader can say that guy seems like a great guy or that guy doesn’t seem like a great guy. I tell my story and the role everybody played and how I was treated by everybody. I didn’t make anything up – that’s the best part of the book. It’s completely honest. Maybe if they had treated me better, I would have portrayed that in the story. With all the names I mentioned in the story, you just named three coming off sounding negative. If that’s the case, everybody came off in a positive light because everybody else was cool.”

He also talked about the perception of Triple H being a hero to some of the internet fans:

“It’s hard when you’re on the outside and you read things. We all see that Triple H is this hero among the internet. He’s the guy standing up for the wrestling fans, telling Vince to make this better. For us, internally in the company, we thought there’s a great chance he’ll be on our side and look out for us and try to help. Then you see him come in and clip the wings off certain guys and keep certain guys down. You realize he’s just looking out for himself.”

In the interview, Justin also reveals why the ECW reboot was his favorite time in the company, whether he thinks he’d fit in with ROH or Impact and more.

To check out the entire interview click here.


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