QUICK QUOTES: Raven talks the end of his TNA run, creative freedom, Vince Russo as a booker

Raven was recently interviewed by Title Match Wrestling and talked about his time in TNA, his thoughts about Vince Russo and more. Here are the highlights:

On the creative freedom he had in TNA:

“In TNA, I didn’t really have any freedom creatively. Russo wrote the shows, and then Jeff (Jarrett) reviewed them, I guess. There was a period where me and a couple other people helped Vince write the shows, but him and Disco (Inferno) would always overrule everything and veer in their direction, and I would try to fight to get more reality-based. But, for the most part, no, I didn’t have the creativity I did there that I did in WCW and ECW.”

His thoughts on Vince Russo as a booker:

“Russo is fantastic for the midcard, but he’s not good on top, because he doesn’t believe that the title belt is worth anything. And if the title belt is worth nothing, which to him it’s a fake belt, it’s a prop, then what’s the whole point of wrestling anyway? It’s a fake sport, but you go to a movie and it’s a fake movie, but you still have a prize that people are trying to win in a quest movie or trying to defeat or overcome, and if what they overcame led them to ‘oh, it’s still fake.’ Then what’s the point?…I really think that is what has tarnished his reputation to the extremes that it’s gotten tarnished. He’s very creative, and he’s very clever, he needs to be edited, he needs to be produced, just like everybody else in the business.”

How his TNA run ended:

“Russo had me do something to attack Cactus Jack and I came up with the idea of throwing a fireball at him, so it was a really great start to coming back on the show, you know, burning Mick. But right after that, I guess Hogan and Bischoff took over and they had their own guys they wanted to bring in and I wasn’t one of them, so they kind of filtered me out. It was sad, but what are you gonna do?”

To check out the entire interview, click here.

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