WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Edge and Christian Pod of Awesomeness w/Eric Young on if NXT is a step back, who created Sanity, time in TNA (Episode 5)

Daniel Bryan interview

Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap

Episode 5 with Guest, Eric Young, along with Tommy Dreamer’s Tales from the Indies

Recap By: Jeff Indelicato


“For The Benefit of Those with No Time” (Top Stories)

  • The Winner of the Voicemail Impression Contest is the Stone Cold impersonator. He will be a guest next week.
  • Tommy Dreamer is back with another Tales from the Indies segment.
  • Young’s raspy voice is attributed to polyps growing on his vocal chords and has had 18 surgeries.
  • Sanity was an idea that Triple H had for quite a while, and knew that Young should be the leader after watching him turn heel in TNA.
  • Eric is greatly enjoying his time in NXT and with Sanity, and feels the opportunities are endless.

“5 Second Pose of Timestamps”

0:00: Show Introduction
08:30: Voicemail Contest
18:00: Sponsor Ad
19:00: Tommy Dreamer: Tales from the Indies
33:30: Sponsor Ad
35:00: Beginning of Eric Young interview
42:00: Eric talks about his raspy voice
46:00: Young’s history with E & C
54:30: Eric’s current NXT thoughts
1:04:00: Working WWE with Bobby Roode
1:08:00: Training Tye Dillinger
1:25:00: Thoughts on Sanity including his conversation with Triple H about the group
1:30:00: Thanks and Close

“You Think You Know Them” (Recap)

Opening Intros 0:00-08:30

This week, Edge is on vacation and is hosting the show from his car. Christian gives him trouble about calling in on his phone, like a guest. This leads into them threatening each other, with Christian hoping that Edge is attacked by an octopus. Edge lets the listeners know that Christian has long fingers, and compares Captain Charisma to E.T. Christian appreciates the comparison, and acknowledged that the Extra-Terrestrial was handsome, and quite a looker.

Voicemail Contest 08:30-18:00

We then move on to the finals of the voicemail contest where fans call into the show and do impressions. The winner will then get to make an appearance on next week’s podcast. Even though he was eliminated in the last round, the boys were able to get the Howard Finkel impersonator to do “intros” for the final combatants and announce the winner. First up is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He begins by singing Christian’s theme music (in a callback to his impression last week, where he sang Edge’s). He then puts over Christian and, in reference to last week’s episode about Vitamin C’s cats, makes sure to tell him that “Christian 3:16 said I just fed my cats.” E&C dug the impression but admitted that it wasn’t as good as last week’s. Christian also felt that the impression was too PG. Next up was the vocal stylings of Morgan Freeman, reciting the Quarter Pounder with Cheese dialogue from Pulp Fiction. Edge really liked it and admitted that this is the type of thing that he and Christian would do, so it made him laugh. Christian tried his own Freeman impression to poor results. It was agreed that last week’s impression was also better.

The duo then contemplates who should be the winner. Christian liked how Austin was original with his dialogue since Morgan just quoted songs and movies, but he liked Morgan too. Edge felt that the Freeman impression was better, but agrees that Austin was more original in tone. Both count to three, and yell out their winner: Austin. Therefore the Faux Rattlesnake will be a guest next week, the 28th, on the Pod of Awesomeness.

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Tommy Dreamer: Tales from the Indies 19:00-33:30

This is a recurring segment where Tommy calls into the show and recounts an interesting experience from an independent event that he participated in. For this specific event, he was supposed to arrive at Buffalo Wild Wings for a Meet & Greet. Due to some confusion on how long it would take to get there, he ended up arriving two hours early for his appearance. There were no posters advertising the signing, so it did not draw a large crowd. From there, he went to the independent show. Prior to the first match, the ring malfunctioned. It turned out that when the ring was rented for the event, the people in charge were not given the proper brackets for set up. This led to the crew having to take down the ring and correct the issues, which took about 50 minutes in front of the crowd. When the next match began, the ropes ended up breaking. This led to further problems throughout the night, as it was difficult to run the ropes, and the crew had to keep fixing and adjusting. By the time the main event started, it was 11:30 at night. Tommy was scheduled to team with Bubba Ray Dudley to face the Faces of Fear (The Barbarian & Meng/Haku). Unfortunately, Haku wasn’t able to make it to the event, so they ended up having to find some rookie wrestlers to team with The Barbarian. All in all, it was still a fun event. Talk then turns to Dreamer changing up his gimmick and wearing an eyepatch.

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Interview with Eric Young 35:00-1:30:00

After four weeks of proudly proclaiming that he has gotten all of the guests, Edge is finally willing to admit that Eric did the show because of Christian. It turns out that Young being a guest was a last minute decision by the crew, and he was humorously blindsided by E & C. Originally, Eric was scheduled to be in Christian’s town, and had planned to meet up and have lunch. Due to a scheduling conflict the day of the podcast, Christian asked and got Eric to agree to be on the show before they had lunch. Eric gives Christian trouble about wearing jogging pants and realizes that he also is wearing them, due to traveling.

Talk then turns to Young’s voice and why he speaks in such a rough tone. It is something that he has dealt with since 2004, and is a virus that exists in his throat where polyps basically grow on your vocal chords. He regularly has procedures done to correct the issue and has had a total of 18 surgeries. Eric notes that he has never missed an event, as it is usually just a day long recovery. Young admits that it has affected his karaoke game, but actually works for his daily occupation of being a wrestler. In an interesting note, when he first discovered the problem, the only person he told was Bobby Roode.

E & C then talk about their history with Eric, and how Christian met him when Young was just training. Christian recognized something in him and even stuck around to watch his match. Edge felt that he looked like a bigger version of Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame, and puts him over as very strong. In fact, he was the first person that Edge ever saw put two wrestlers on his shoulders. Christian then fast forwards to his time in TNA, and notes that he used to ride with Eric & Roode. They used to get together and watch bad independent MMA fights, which they admit is just as fun as watching bad independent wrestling matches. Edge tells a story about how when he was in his early days with WWE, they loaned him out to an independent organization to work with Bobby Roode, in one of his first matches.

E & C then ask Eric about his NXT experience so far. Young is really enjoying it, and admits that when you’re on the outside, you never know how you’ll be treated. It has made him really like wrestling again, and he is excited that he has achieved his goal of working with the WWE. E & C then note that they had had some deep conversations in the past with Eric talking about his future, and what he planned to do. Young recounts a recent conversation with Triple H, where he admitted that while he is 37-years-old, he feels and wrestles like he’s 30. He attributes this to the comedic aspects of some of his storylines, where he basically did not wrestle for a while, and extended his career. Such examples used are when his character was afraid of his pyro, or was wrestling the Knockouts. Edge asks if he feels NXT is a step back, considering that Young is a former World Champion. Eric doesn’t believe it is and notes how his storyline with Sanity is a completely different character, which is a cool process. His mantra is that anything you request him to do, he’ll do it, and make it better than you can even imagine. He may be terrible at many things, but he is very satisfied with everything he has done in professional wrestling, and wouldn’t change anything. Edge compliments him on this and notes that by being on all different levels of the card you can learn, which he did, and become a jack of all trades. Christian adds that if you’re put in a situation, and you succeed, the company can trust you. Young notes that E & C went through similar stages where they originally didn’t speak, went through the Brood, then revamped their characters like “Bill & Ted”, and continued evolving.

Talk then moves to when Young and Roode were both trying to become stars and work for the WWE. Eric talks about how Johnny Ace would always tell Roode to change his look, so Bobby would try a variety of things, including bleaching his hair and wearing a cape. He even grew a beard because Young had a dream that he had grown one. Eric notes that their career paths would be much different if there was a Performance Center back then. This leads to a conversation that Young had with Johnny where he requested to be hired at OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). He was told that he and Bobby were TV ready and too good for OVW. It was a sort of limbo, as they were too good for the startup promotion, but not good enough for the WWE. E & C admit that they would continue to vouch for them to try and get them hired, but it never came to fruition.

E & C then ask about Tye Dillinger, who was trained by Young. Christian notes that Dillinger was super gifted but just couldn’t make all the pieces work until coming up with the Perfect 10 gimmick. Eric is very happy with Tye’s success, and was backstage to see his debut in the Royal Rumble. He equates it to being a Dad and seeing your son succeed. He even admitted that he was fighting back happy tears, and almost cried in front of The Undertaker. This was also the night after the two had fought at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, which was Young’s first PPV with the WWE. Young first met Tye because he had a wrestling school. Dillinger ended up even living with Eric while he was training. Edge didn’t know the extent of their relationship and noted how nice it is to see people succeed when they keep persevering. Christian notes that rejection is a big part of this business, and being able to push through, and stay motivated is incredible. Young states that he was risking a lot, and after wrestling for six years, wasn’t getting very far. He uses the example of living in Nashville where it seems like everyone is a musician trying to make it. It’s difficult, but if it’s your dream, you just keep working it. His ambition was to become a wrestler, and he didn’t even go to school, as he didn’t want a Plan B to use as an excuse to abandon his dream. Christian agrees and added a personal story of his own where he also didn’t have other options. If he had a safety net, he might fall back on it and wanted the journey to be difficult, but rewarding.

Moving back to his current gig in NXT, Young is enjoying it, and his time in Sanity. He likes being the leader of the group, and is helping guide and mentor the team. It turns out that Sanity has been an idea of Triple H’s for a while. When he saw Young turn heel in TNA a few years back, he questioned it, and didn’t think Eric would pull it off. He quickly changed his tune once he saw Young’s promo, and knew that Eric would be the guy that he wanted to be the leader of Sanity. Eric believes that they are just scratching the surface as a group, and figuring it out as they go. He feels the opportunities on where to take the group are endless and loves the imagery and theme music. That concludes the interview segment.

Close 1:30:00-1:33:00

E & C thank Young for being their guest and note again how happy they are for his success.  They send quick thanks to the sponsors and fans, and encourage everyone to follow the show on Twitter @EandCPod, E-Mail them at ecpodofawesomeness@gmail.com, and to call their Voicemail at 929-367-8204.

Jeff’s Take:  7 Kazoos out of 10

Good episode with Young this week. It’s nice to see someone who has worked his tail off get where he is today and is a nice reminder to all, that you should follow your dreams and stay motivated. When you think about Young, along with Roode, and Dillinger, it is a nice story about persistence and passion. A good listen and message for all. I’ve dug the voicemail contest for the past three weeks as well, and am looking forward to hearing the winner as a guest on next week’s show. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @the_Indel or send me an email at indelpw@gmail.com. See you next week!

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Jeff has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was knee high to a grasshopper (little kid), after coming across the Wrestling Challenge episode after WrestleMania 7, and has not looked back. His passion has led him to winning wrestling trivia contests in his city, and even won him his Senior Talent Show by dancing to Shawn Michaels theme song. When not annoying others with wrestling talk, he loves spending time with his family and friends, and focuses on his other passion: movies.  

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