QUICK QUOTES: Jinder Mahal on his WWE Championship win, when he decided to get into better shape, Vince McMahon congratulating him


Jinder Mahal was recently interviewed by Fox Sports after his WWE Championship win. He talked about his diet, Vince McMahon, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

How the past 48 hours have been for him: 

“Very crazy, you know, I’ve just been so busy. I haven’t taken the time to really let it sink in. I’m sure when I go home tomorrow it’ll all sink in. But right after I won I was in the gym the next day training, [had] a live event yesterday, trained again today and I’m on SmackDown.

That moment when I won and when I came back through Gorilla… the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 15 years I’ve put in work, hard work to get to this point. Obviously I went through being released from WWE…  being signed at a young age to debut when I was 24. So, you know, it’s been quite the roller coaster but at that moment it was all worth it. I look forward to once I get home and have a minute to reflect and some alone time.”

If Vince McMahon approached him after his win:

“He was very happy, shook my hand. He was standing up when I came back through Gorilla. I get a lot of advice from Vince. I believe he’s a genius, so a lot of promos and everything… the last couple weeks after a match or a promo, Vince is the first person that I come to talk to. He was very happy, he could see that I was improving, and Vince is one of those guys… if you care, he cares about you. I have a great relationship with Vince now, which is one of those things I never had before, because I would kind of avoid him. But now I come back and Vince is the first person that I see every week.”

If there was a specific time he realized he wanted to change his physique:

“That moment actually came before I signed back with WWE. I was kind of in a slump and I was eating junk food every day, drinking too much, and I actually weighed about 260. Just kind of real soft.

So one day I just decided that enough’s enough. I stopped drinking, I still don’t drink. It’s been almost a year now, it’ll be a year next week. I just ordered [from] a meal prep company called Nutrition Solutions, I ordered a meal prep and that’s virtually all I ate. And I started training again, and just, you know, caring about myself. Two months later I was signed back to WWE. Whereas I sat out for two years, nobody called me, nobody cared about me. As soon as I started caring, two months later I was signed back to WWE. It just sparked something in me, if I keep working… If I care, they care. And doors start to open.

I haven’t eaten a cheat meal in months, but I’m not even tempted to because I see the results that I’m getting and it’s giving me confidence, which in return [makes] me more aggressive in the ring, and helps make me more believable as a superstar. It’s motivating me even more. Diet hard, train hard.

After the world championship, no cheating, just had chicken and rice and I was in the gym the next day early in the morning. I’m going to keep working hard, and hopefully this is just the beginning.”

What the maharaja means:

“Maharaja means ‘the grand king.’ “Maha” means grand, and “raja,” is king.”

For the full interview with Jinder Mahal, check out Fox Sports

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