QUICK QUOTES: Bruce Prichard on Vince Russo’s response to his podcast, being open about his past issues

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Bruce Prichard was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and talked about Vince Russo’s reaction to the most recent episode of his show. Here are some of the highlights they sent along:

His recent Something to Wrestle With episode on Vince Russo and Russo’s response:

“I try to stay out and don’t listen to the negative and don’t dwell on the negative. When I see it and I have a lot of that thrown my way I ignore it and I move on. Life is just too short and it is funny that I was just talking to Jeff Jarrett earlier tonight and said that I am 54-years-old and I’ve had a few heart attacks and I am so happy to be healthy right now and so blessed to be doing what I am doing. To dwell on negative just takes too much energy and too much time so I’ll leave that for everybody else and I will just continue to do what I do and what we do on our show is from my perspective. It’s from my viewpoint, so if anyone wants to challenge it, you can challenge it all day long. You are not going to win because it is not your viewpoint. It is simply my viewpoint and what I remember and how I remember it and how it affected me.”

Russo’s claims to being part of the creation of mainstay “Attitude Era” moments/characters:

“When something is just strictly factually wrong I will call it out and I will call BS on it because there are so many people that do it and I do love it when people take credit for Steve Austin or The Rock or Mick Foley or The Undertaker or anybody else. The people that deserve the credit for those talents is the talent themselves.”

The remarks made by Russo regarding Prichard’s past issues:

“You have to laugh it off because some of the things that were sent to me and I am not one of those people that will sit there and read every little thing because I just can’t do it and especially when it is negative I just throw it out and I am done (next). But you get overwhelmed sometimes of so many people sending you things that you get bits and pieces and you get a flavor of it. There’s times when I have said things, like for example, Abyss. I said things about Abyss and he sent me a text and said: “Hey Bruce, your opinion was wrong and here is what happened.” I said that I will share that on the show because that was my opinion and if you are saying that is not how that was then I will put your opinion out there because you called me. He didn’t go on a Twitter rant and call me names and when I saw him at TV we laughed about it. Jim Ross has chuckled at stuff, Steve Austin has chuckled at stuff and been a good sport so you have to realize if you are going to put yourself out in the public and you are going to say things and do things, we all live in glass houses and to come out and call people names, is that is all you’ve got? To say that I am a “pill head” and an alcoholic? I’ve gone on record talking about my drug use in the past and I have gone on record with that so that is not new information. But I’ve never been an alcoholic and I’ve never been to rehab but did I like to take pills a lot? You better believe it. Did I smoke a lot of dope? Yep. Did I drink a lot of beer? Yep and had a good time, so I live in a glass house and I am not going to throw stones.”

“It doesn’t bother me. It really doesn’t. I am secure in who I am, what I am and what I’ve accomplished and what I have done in this business. After 44 years, I’ll put my resume up against anybody that wants to put their resume up against me. There are people out there with a resume that will blow mine out of the water but there are also some that can’t stand up next to it that maybe had two years of glory and then what? I think I’ve done fairly well and I am proud of the accomplishments and what I’ve done in the business and I love it. I am proud to still be a part of it and still be active in a business that I truly love.”

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