QUICK QUOTES: Bully Ray on a potential singles run in ROH, cutting promos again, how he thinks the Broken Universe situation will play out

Bully Ray was interviewed by USA Today and talked about his ROH run, The Broken Universe troubles, and more. Here are the highlights:

How the ‘Bully’ character came about:

“Nobody told me I needed to change. Nobody told me a thing, actually. My re-invention came all on my own. Nobody told me I should be Bully Ray or call myself Bully Ray.”

Cutting promos as Bully Ray:

“I’ve had this speaking ability that I’ve had my entire career that nobody really remembered since the days of ECW. For six years in WWE, I didn’t really get to talk too much and then six years as a tag team in TNA, I didn’t get to talk that much. Now here comes Bully Ray cutting some of the best heel promos in the business.”

If he’s interested in having a singles run in ROH:

“I have a desire to do whatever is presented to me that I can turn into something really good. At this stage of the game, everything that I do I want to mean something: All killer, no filler.”

How he thinks the Broken Universe drama will play out:

“I think that they will get the best of both worlds. They can milk this Hardy run for every dime it’s worth and then they can evolve into a version of the Broken Universe that the WWE sees fits. WWE is not going to allow creations that got over someplace else to come in and rule their world. It’s not going to happen. It didn’t happen with the Bullet Club and it’s not going to happen with Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe. They are going to have to put their stamp of approval on it and have their creative input.”

For the full interview with Bully Ray, check out USA Today

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