QUICK QUOTES: Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart on if Hulk Hogan will return to WWE

Jimmy Hart was a recent guest on Dinner With The King, and along with Jerry Lawler, talked about the potential of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE. Here’s what they had to say:

Lawler: “In the wrestling world, you nerve say never. I thought it was way big overreaction what happened with Hulk in this most recent situation — the reason why he’s not in WWE at the moment.

But I think that has definitely blown over. It was never a big deal to begin with. And I don’t think anybody even thinks about that anymore. I do think a lot of people would like to see Hulk come back.

I think, right now, the ball is in Hulk’s court. If he wants to come back, I think he would definitely be able to come back.”

Hart: “You have seen clips of the Hulk being sprinkled into video packages lately on WWE programming. So I think one day that Hulk will be back where he deserves to be, with the WWE. I really do.”

For the full episode, check out Dinner With The King (the Hogan talk starts at 37:44). 

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