PODCAST RECAP: Killing the Town – Cyrus and Paul Lazenby talk Naito, NJPW and Impact Wrestling talent on Chris Jericho’s cruise, why Homicide is a scary guy

Killing the Town

Release Date: June 5, 2018

Recap By: Dust


Lazenby is officially the co-host as proven by the podcast logo changing to Cyrus & Lazenby. Lance Storm has confirmed he’s off the show on the Keeping It 2000 podcast from June 9, 2018.

Lazenby took the Dark Triad Test and was surprised he wasn’t narcissistic, Machiavellian or psychopathic. Cyrus jokes that Lazenby is a clinical psychopath who cheated on the test.

Cyrus switches to shoot work or work shoot mode talking about Sami Callihan got upset about last week’s LONG discussion about him on the podcast.

Sami Callihan dissed Impact, ROH and Jericho, insulted Jericho. Jericho got angry.

Cyrus talks Slammiversary anniversary on July 22, 2018 and the press conference about it where Cyrus was asked about Sami’s comment.

Cyrus said that Sami’s comments about going on the Jericho comments were right… and Cyrus says that Sami probably will be going on the cruise but doesn’t know what other talent. Jericho says that Impact should buy their own cabins, Cyrus says they won’t. Cyrus continues working and talking about inter-promotional events.

Lazenby says that Sami could ruin the cruise.

Cyrus shills New Japan and the Osaka Dominion show on June 9th with Omega vs Okada headling and Jericho vs Naito as another attraction. Omega vs Okada is a 2/3 falls with no limit.

They discuss how Omega vs Okada is a long out drawn feud. Lazenby compares it to Gatti vs Ward in boxing.

They discuss the original LAX coming back to face Konnan.

Cyrus says Homicide is a scary guy. Lazenby compares him to Samoa Joe and Kenny Omega – legitimate badasses who have martial arts training to stand on. Lazenby says you don’t watch to mess with Homicide, which is why he loves the character.

Lazenby discusses being disrespected on The Whole F’n Show show and working with one of the podcasters on putting together wrestling scenes with a guy with one week of wrestling for TV. Lazenby and Miz were supposed to be instructed by this guy. I won’t bother with the details of a very long rant about smarks, which was basically a Disco List rant.

Disco Inferno recently called Cyrus to ask how Lazenby was serious about stretching him on the Jericho Cruise.

Lazenby says he’d like to see Homicide, Austin Aries and Su Yung from Impact on the cruise. Brian Cage from Impact and Lucha Underground will be on the cruise.

Cyrus and Lazenby compliment Brian Cage on his athleticism.

Cyrus says wrestlers shouldn’t do stuff that isn’t world class. Lazenby says its also true for the stunt business.

Lazenby and Cyrus do their plugs.

Short episode.

Score:  6 – mediocre with a long rant.

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