RECAP AND REVIEW: WhatCulture Wrestling Podcast on Royal Rumble predictions, the top choices to win the match and why, darkhorse candidates, if turning Daniel Bryan heel was a mistake

WhatCulture Wrestling Podcast

Wrestling Roundtable Discussion: Early Royal Rumble Predictions!

Release Date: January 10, 2019. (26:03)

Recap by: Samantha L. Sayre


Royal Rumble Men’s Predictions

-Michael H. thinks it seems like WWE is setting up a Raw winner for Brock Lesnar. Heavy favorites like Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre feel the least interesting right now. He wants it to be a Smackdown wrestler like Samoa Joe, especially with the fantasy bookings you could have.

-Adam feels like WWE didn’t make the most out of Shinsuke last year, so not real excited this year. He just hopes Daniel Bryan is still world champion after Rumble. Braun’s promo this week wasn’t great, so what could be in the future for Brock?

-Favorites on Men’s: Seth, Drew, Almas, Finn Balor, Cena, Styles, The Rock and The Miz.

-Favorites on Women’s: Becky, Charlotte, Ember Moon, and Alexis Bliss.

-Michael S. feels WWE is alluding to Seth especially since he buried Brock to Corbin for not being around. Rumble in previous years has been defined by fans wanting one wrestler to win that doesn’t and office wants a wrestler who does win. Problem is it doesn’t feel like that this year. There is no wave of sheer defiance.

-Adam asks did WWE shoot themselves in the foot by turning Bryan heel and giving him the title? Daniel Bryan would have been the favorite for this year’s Rumble after last year’s WrestleMania, but WWE botched his babyface run so bad they had to turn him heel. Adam wants Daniel Bryan to keep the championship the rest of the year or longer.

-How are the WWE going to book the Rumble and who do they book a winner against? Are the fans thinking of Seth or Drew against Brock Lesnar instead of Braun Strowman? Does Braun go into WrestleMania against Brock if he loses at Rumble and the Rumble winner chooses the Smackdown champion?

-Michael S. says no one is picking Braun to win. He thinks Daniel Bryan v.s John Cena might be the dream match combo of Cena Rumble win then WrestleMania match.

-Adam says fans have discussed Becky switching brands after a Rumble win to get to Ronda. What about the same thing with Finn Balor winning the Rumble to switch brands and face Daniel Bryan? Michael H. says it will take more than a Rumble win to believe in Finn again. Balor’s last two years have been a waste and he’s been smiling through it.

-WWE is paying the price for narrowing the focus on Roman Reigns all these years. Vince doesn’t see Finn or Seth as “the guy.”

-Michael H. can see Seth winning the Rumble then on WrestleMania day Vince saying “no way” to Seth and to give Brock more money to stay. Michael S. says have Finn come out as “The Demon” at the Rumble since he is undefeated.

-Drew is the second favorite. It seemed like a straight forward booking until Braun got injured. Braun defeats Brock. Drew wins Rumble then Drew vs Braun. Drew defeats this December didn’t come at a good time. Brock and Bryan are huge heel mountains for babyfaces to overcome. Drew doesn’t fit in this particular puzzle. Adam isn’t ruling him out, but he can get back into things after WrestleMania against a babyface. Just doesn’t feel like his time. Michael says he had good tension with Cena and it is wrong time, wrong place for Drew.

Longshots in Rumble

-Michael H. chooses Matt Riddle vs. Brock. No need to stay in NXT and go through the ranks. By hook or by crook beats Brock. Michael S. chooses John Cena vs Daniel Bryan. With Total Bellas connection everyone is interested even casual fans. Adam wants a hair vs. hair stipulation if that happens. He chooses R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan. Others think he is being stupid.

Women’s Royal Rumble

-Has to be between Becky and Charlotte. Michael H. Charlotte wins to switch brands. Becky loses to Asuka with a screwy finish so it doesn’t bring either down. Becky is the outcast and wins Elimination Chamber for Asuka Championship and then says I want to be on Raw. Michael S. says Becky catches lightning in a bottle. She has to find a way to enter Rumble. Adam says Becky beats Asuka AND wins Rumble setting up champ vs champ at WrestleMania.

Rating: 9/10

I loved this discussion. Pros and cons of every Rumble scenario and what effects it could have on WrestleMania. Didn’t try to be long and drawn out. Just two matches all the way through. They use the past and what WWE thinks, but eventually say what all the fans really want. Enjoyed the time length. Just enough to get to work and get you pumped up.

About Samantha:

Samantha is a long time wrestling fan from WV. She quit watching during college and the first part of her career, but now is back full force. One of her goals is to be a host on one of PW Torch’s WWE or All Elite Wrestling post-show podcasts. Check her out on Twitter @Sam4413

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