RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing the Town on the NJPW wrestler you can build a promotion around, why people need to look at scripted promos from Vince McMahon’s perspective, why fans shouldn’t be talking about Shayna Baszler vs. Ronda Rousey yet

Killing the Town

Release Date: August 7, 2018 

Recap by: Dust


Cyrus jokes that Lazenby hasn’t been around for weeks, Lazenby reminds him that he was on last week’s episode

Lazenby says that Cyrus’ narcissism isn’t surprising.

They start talking about a Twitter stalker of Cyrus’

They joke about having the stalker on the show and his love-life.

Cyrus complains about not having a sound engineer, an AI humanoid called Lancebot 2000, which Lazenby says was replaced by a TRS-80, an upgrade. All the fun sound editing has been removed from Killing The Town.

Lazenby puts over WWE for the Heyman post-Brock interview. Lazenby says performers should go to actor school. He calls him an elite actor.

Lazenby says it might have been one of his performances.

Cyrus puts Heyman over for his ECW performances. Talks about their work together.

Cyrus asks what is a better a portrayal, Heyman running from Brock or Cyrus running from Minoru Suzuki. Lazenby replies that obviously Heyman because he’s portraying fear while Cyrus is just feeling fear. There’s a Cyrus ‘squeal’ ringtone.

They joke about the stalker again. Cyrus jokes about Lazenby not treating the marks well.

Lazenby continues putting WWE over, especially the Samoa Joe promo about AJ Styles on Smackdown.

Lazenby wonders if Joe has had his promo ‘handcuffs’ removed.

Cyrus says that you have to look at scripted promos from Vince’s perspective. His corporation is now worth billions of dollars and has sponsors. Vince doesn’t want to lose a sponsor deal because one performer says something he shouldn’t have. A Stone Cold, Rock and Jericho nowadays might have less direction because they could be trusted. The problem might be the lack of performers with a good promo, in the ’90s there were more performers who could cut a good promo. The lack might have something to do with the end of the territory system. Cyrus says that Austin Aries gets bullet points and lets Aries do a promo, maybe over a couple of takes. Cyrus just gets him to try variations. Other talent needs coaching up.

Justin Credible would sound like Heyman doing Justin Credible in ECW, according to Cyrus.

Cyrus says that people need to be comfortable with themselves.

Lazenby knocks NXT for having identical promos with a couple of exceptions. Everybody seems to have the same cadence and delivery. Talks about Juice Robinson saying that when he was in developmental he wouldn’t be able to deliver his own promo, despite being one of the best. Lazenby says maybe people who are up to it should be allowed to loosen up.

Cyrus puts over Juice Robinson as being a guy you can build a promotion about, charismatic, tall, built and a good solid worker, as well as being smart.  Juice sells and people react to him. Juice will be great for NJPW and could be a top guy anywhere. It was good for Juice to go through the developmental system. Talks about his own choice to go to WCW or WWF and he instantly chose WWF because that’s the big show, even if he didn’t have guaranteed money. That was a dream. 99.9% of people think about getting to Vince McMahon. Even though guys like Juice and Kenny Omega had ‘only’ been in developmental, they still can be satisfied and do their own thing.

Then there are ads, including a plug for WWE Network, haha.

They turn to Shane Helms. In connection with that Cyrus talks about entering the Keeping It 100 Hall of Fame. Disco Inferno is filibustering, raising excuses about Cyrus following a lot of people on twitter – but unfollowed Shane Helms. Shane thought they had twitter beef, Cyrus never even met him. They move onto unfollowing etiquette in a cringeworthy segment.

Lazenby discusses an old assault beef. Lazenby ejected somebody from a club and ended up fighting two guys – which they lost. The police came and arrested Lazenby for multiple crimes because ‘you’re bigger than them.’ Lazenby doesn’t want to raise his fist in the street. Cyrus offers his representation services despite not being a lawyer.

Cyrus says that most of his tweets are his own but a publicist could have made an unfollow mistake.

In connection with that assault charge in the past, Cyrus discusses assaulting Disco on the Jericho Cruise. They discuss the ‘castle’ doctrine and the pirate ‘code’. In the case of Disco skullduggery (vulgar jokes) on board the ship, Lazenby must be prepared to be judged by his peers – a bunch of guys who hate Disco. Cyrus asks if Lazenby has a sword and pistol for a duel. Lazenby has pistols and a club with spikes. They also call Disco a coward.

Lazenby talks Shayna Baszler possibly moving to the main roster.

Shayna was a groundbreaker in MMA, fighting everywhere and before anybody.

Lazenby says that fans shouldn’t be discussing Shayna immediately feuding with Ronda Rousey. Fans should be patient and not run to the finish line. Fans are robbing themselves of the enjoyable experience, like hecklers disturbing comedians.

Cyrus and Lazenby say that the G1 requires a lot of time, but they’re slaying it.

Lazenby compliments Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon at Slammiversary – like a fight. The OG and LAX matches also seemed realistic but a little bit choreographed at the beginning, unlike Callihan and Pentagon (despite the kickouts).

Lazenby compares Sami to Steve Austin – maybe he should turn face.

Tessa Blanchard was also impressive – and has packed on solid muscle that looks good.

Cyrus also puts Blanchard over. Lazenby says that Blanchard makes her strikes look very realistic – trying to hurt her opponents.

Lazenby puts Impact (overall) and WWE (promos) over.

Turning to MMA, Lazenby discusses McGregor and Khabib with Nate Diaz storming off – the UFC drama.

Lazenby says Khabib and McGregor will be a grudge fight, maybe the biggest fight ever. Lazenby says Khabib lets people hit him too much while McGregor has ‘the touch of death’. On the other hand Khabib has war crime level GNP. It’s difficult to pick a guy.

Lazenby puts GSP over for picking legacy fights. Fighters have limited time to cement their legacy – and McGregor wants to leave a mark.

Lazenby plugs When We Were Bouncer 1 & 2 about MMA fighters and wrestlers working as bouncers.

Score: 7.5 – An improvement over last week with more wrestling content and good discussions on promos.

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